Western Kentucky AG expo center STUDY 

Western Kentucky Ag Expo Center Study

The southwestern counties of Trigg, Todd and Christian are in the process of creating and operating a three-county regional agricultural expo center, to be located in the Hopkinsville area of Christian County, Kentucky – known as the Western Kentucky Ag Expo Center.  To assist in evaluating the market support and financial feasibility of the proposed Ag Expo Center, Markin Consulting LLC, a national consultant for agricultural, livestock, fairgrounds and arena facilities, has been hired to conduct a comprehensive market and financial feasibility study of the Ag Expo Center.

 Key Questions Addressed in the Study
 ● What are the community needs and market support for the Ag Expo Center?

 ● Is there enough potential business to support the proposed Ag Expo Center?
 ● What is the optimal size, configuration and location for Ag Expo Center?
 ● What is the best organization/management structure for the Ag Expo Center? 
 ● What is the optimal staffing plan and best practices to insure its financial  sustainability?
 ● What are the estimated annual revenues and costs of operating the Ag Expo Center? 
 ● What revenue streams or annual funding sources might be applicable to the Ag Expo
 ● What kinds of pricing structures should be set? 
 ● How should the Ag Expo Center be marketed?

Study Time Schedule

The study is being conducted in 2 phases.  The first phase is the Market Demand Assessment and will result in recommended facilities and amenities for the Ag Expo Center, along with a listing of the market and community supported events and activities that could be successfully staged/held in the proposed Ag Expo Center.  The Market Demand Assessment will be completed and presented to the study committee the week of May 1, 2017.  The second phase of the study is the Financial Feasibility Analysis that includes (1) development of a range of construction costs for the recommended Ag Expo Center, (2) preparation of an operating, marketing and staffing plan, (3) projections of operating revenues and expenses and (4) an assessment of funding sources to build and operate the facility.  This phase will be completed by the week of June 26, 2017, followed with  final report by July 10, 2017.


We welcome your input and comments related to the proposed Western Kentucky Ag Expo Center - especially ideas for types of events and activities to be staged at the Ag Expo Center.  Simply type your input/comments in the box, along with your email address (to receive updates on the study) and click the submit button.

Email Address

Check back periodically for updates on the progress of the Ag Expo Center.

Contact Information

Christian County - Darrell Gustafson, darrellgustafson@bruceconventioncenter.com

Markin Consulting - Rod Markin, rod.markin@markinconsulting.com

Western Kentucky AG expo center STUDY